My REVITOL Cream Cellulite Solution Review

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Like you, I have also spent a lot of time reading one Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution review after another online in the hope that this revolutionary product might just be the answer to my cellulite problems.

I have suffered from cellulite for years and I have tried all sorts of creams, lotions and pretty much every product out there that promises to fix my cellulite with mixed results.  I heard a lot about Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution and when a colleague recommended it to me, I decided to give it a go.

Sure, it sounds like a great product, but I don’t want to waste my money again so I did my research before giving the product a try.

REVITOL Cream Cellulite Solution Review Ingredients

Every time I encounter a new product in the supermarket, I would immediately refer to the label for information about its ingredients. I believe that the best way to tell if the product is really effective is by looking at its ingredients.

So in this Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution review, I’m going to share some of the product’s main ingredients.

I was actually impressed with what I found out. Revitol contains some of the most effective ingredients that are guaranteed to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite and make your skin look SUPPLER AND HEALTHIER

The extracts help COMBAT and REDUCE  fat cells and increase their fat burning tendencies. Thеy can аlѕо help іn removing аnу toxins thаt mау bе present іn thе fat cells, as thеу shrink thе fat cells аnd increase thе strength оf thе tissues аrоund thе buttocks, thighs, legs аnd arms.

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Here are some of them:

  • RETINOL A – this has the ability to minimize cellulite and promote healthy skin. The ingredient will seep down into the dermis in order to improve the skin’s elasticity. Retinol A can also help to enhance the level of collagen and repair the damaged tissues in the affected areas of your skin.
REVITOL Cream Cellulite Solution Review
  • CAFFEINE – considered as an important component of every cellulite product, caffeine helps in tightening your skin and improves blood flow. (For more information about caffeine learn more in my blog Caffeine Cellulite Treatment)
  • HORSETAIL EXTRACTS – this ingredient also works in the same way as caffeine, where it tightens the skin and helps to make it healthier.
  • CAPSICUM– just like the caffeine and horsetail extracts, the capsicum can help to improve blood flow, which helps to greatly minimize the dimpled texture of your skin.
  • ALGAE EXTRACT – this ingredient targets the fat deposits in the body. It also helps to boost ones metabolism, thereby reducing the fats that causes the appearance of cellulite.
  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT– green tea is known for its detoxifying properties and thus, helps in the reduction of cellulite.
  • SHEA BUTTER– this ingredient acts like a natural moisturizer, keeping your skin well hydrated at all times.

After reading about the ingredients of Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution, I was convinced that this is the product I need to cure my dimpled skin. I have also encountered a lot of positive Revitol cream cellulite solution reviews, which somehow convinced me to give the product a try.

My Experience in Using The Revitol Cream

Like any cellulite cream, using the Revitol cream is pretty straightforward. You just have to simply apply it on your skin. This is one of the things that I love about creams!

For a busy mother like me who has two young kids, I do not want to be bothered with a lengthy skin routine. With the Revitol cream, you just have to massage it gently on your skin every single day which is made even easier because of its non sticky factor. In my case, I did it twice a day, once in the morning and another before going to bed.

The first thing I notice when I opened the Revitol is that it has a somewhat different smell. Luckily, the smell gets better over time and I think I’ve gotten used to it now. Directly after applying the cream, I can immediately feel that my skin has become smoother and softer.

I was consistent with my application and I made sure that I massaged the cream aggressively in a rolling motion. I’ve read somewhere that massage can help in the penetration of the cream, which leads to better results.

After a few weeks, I did notice that my cellulite was starting to disappear. They may not have totally vanished, but I can honestly say that MY SKIN IS WAY BETTER NOW.

It is healthier and suppler. I couldn’t be any happier with the results I’m getting from the Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution.  With the Revitol, my cellulite is slowly disappearingand my skin just gets better and BETTER EACH DAY.

My Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution Review Pluses and Minuses


  • Ease of application – as I mentioned above, applying the cream is pretty straightforward, which I believe is an advantage for busy women like me.
  • Fast drying time – of all the cellulite creams I’ve tried, it is the Revitol that has the fastest drying time. It seems like your skin immediately absorbs it the moment you put it on. What’s even great is that it will not leave any sticky or greasy feeling unlike other lotions and creams I’ve tried.
  • Ingredients – the list of ingredients above should be enough proof that the product is really effective.
  • No negative side effects – I’ve heard stories of cellulite creams that could trigger negative side effects like allergies and skin irritations, but I have not experienced that with Revitol.
  • Safe for pregnant women – I know there are some cellulite products that are not safe for pregnant women to use, which is very unfortunate because cellulite tends to develop during pregnancy. But I’m happy to report that Revitol cream is safe to use even for pregnant women.


  • Smell – I personally find the scent unpleasant, especially after I opened the bottle. But like I said, the smell gets better over time. Also, I’ve tried several cellulite creams in the past that smell good, yet they did have the effect that Retinol did. 
  • Price – Revitol is not the cheapest cellulite cream I have ever tried. I would say it is slightly higher than the average cost of cellulite creams, but given its promising results, I would say that it’s worth it.

FINAL VERDICT: Does The Cream Work?

If I have to recommend one product out of all the cellulite products I have tried, it would definitely be the Revitol cream.

I’m happy and satisfied with the results I’m getting from this product. In fact, a lot of my friends have noticed the positive changes in my skin.  I feel more confident now and I’m back to wearing my favorite short skirts.

My cellulite may not have totally disappeared, but my skin looks so much better now!

I have written this Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution review to help other women like me who have been suffering from the dreaded cellulite for years. Perhaps you have already tried all sorts of cellulite creams and lotions in the market, yet none of them has worked for you. The Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution might just be the product that you need.

Sure, it costs more than the other creams out there, but consider this product as an investment. I can assure you that it’s definitely one of the best investments you can make for yourself!

If you want to see reduced cellulite then you can buy Revitol Cream Cellulite Solution directly from the maker by clicking below.

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